wiseSentinel | RTSA-MT

wiseSentinel | RTSA-MT is a full-featured, advanced real-time RF spectrum and signal analysis solution.



Real-Time Spectrum Analysis (RTSA) Features

  • Spectrum analyzer with maxhold, average and normal spectrum trace
  • Spectrogram view (spectrum history)
  • Power density view
  • Persistance display
  • Channel power- and utilization measurements for the 2.4 ISM band
  • Peak search, cursors, markers and zooming
  • Advanced frequency mask triggering
  • Setup and data import/export for replay and analysis



Time Domain (IQ) Analysis Features

  • Reliable data aquistion in block mode based on the digitizer architecture
  • Measurements of Amplitude / Power / Frequency vs Time
  • Demodulation of common modulation schemes such as ASK, PSK, M-PSK, M-QAM
  • Constallation and Eye diagrams
  • Zero span mode



Advanced Features (wiseClassifier Option)

  • Signal classification (WLAN, Bluetooth, ZigBee)
  • Collision detection



Upcoming Features

  • Support for classification of further industrial wireless standards



Supported Hardware

  • WSA5000 v2

Support for additional hardware platforms and measurement equipment will be added soon.

wiseSentinel | RTSA-MT runs on Windows 7/8.1 64 bit.



Ordering Information

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