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wiseSense GmbH is active in standarization and regulation of TV White Space Communications(TVWS) in the 470 MHz to 790 MHz frequency range.

We are developing reference implementations of upcomming TV Whitespace Communication standards based on computer simulation or on a hardware-in-the-loop approach. We do this to evaluate coexistence of TVWS Communication Standards with incumbents and to develop robust signal classification algorithms.

We make such reference implementations also available to our customers for the benefit of their in-house research and development.

We offer two different license models:

  • Closed-Source License:
    You have no access to the source code of the reference implementation, but can easily evaluate the PHY abilities and features in coexistence with incumbents. Hw-in-the-loop support is available on request.
  • Source Code License:
    This license includes the source code of the reference implementation in MATLAB®, so that you can easily modify and enhance it for your own purposes.

We are also available for development services including DSP/FPGA implementation and prototyping.


The ECMA-392 standard specifies the PHY and MAC layers for cognitive radio systems (personal or portable devices) operating in the TV White Space (TVWS). It supports flexible networks of either a master-slave, peer-to-peer or mesh configuration, in which the master (or peer) coordinates the dynamic frequency selection (DFS), transmit power control (TPC), or channel measurements.


Feature list and price information of our reference implementation are available on request.

IEEE 802.11af

The IEEE 802.11af standard is intended as a modified version of the 802.11 standards family, used to allow broadband wireless access to WLAN/WRAN in TVWS by deploying the features and mechanisms of Cognitive Radio. The important amendments to the 802.11 standard for operation in TVWS are channelization and channel availability check, required to enable OFDM PHY operation and to obtain available channels in TVWS respectively.

A reference implementation by wiseSense GmbH of the upcomming IEEE 802.11af standard will be available soon.

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