wiseSentinel | RTSA

wiseSentinel | RTSA provides you with basic functionalities required for Real-Time Spectrum Analysis (RTSA). For applications that needs coexistence and advanced signal analysis use wiseSentinel | RTSA-MT.




  • Spectrum analyzer with maxhold, average and normal spectrum trace
  • Spectrogram view (spectrum history)
  • Timeline of the spectrum and spectrogram on which the user can zoom in on signals of interest
  • Markers to measure frequency and time
  • AM / FM decoder and IQ x/y plot
  • Frequency mask triggering
  • Save and Load of IQ data for later analysis

Features WSA5000

  • Spectrum sweep with WSA5000 from 100MHz to 20GHz
  • Support for different reciever frontend modes (ZIF/SH/SHN/HDR/DD)



Upcoming Features

  • High-speed IQ streaming capture to Raid/SSD
  • SDK for using other capture devices
  • Software triggering up to 100MHz on high-end platforms



Supported hardware

  • WSA5000 v2 208/220
  • WSA5000 v2 as RF frontend + Ettus X310 for high speed capture

More hardware support coming soon



Ordering information

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