Our solutions are especially optimized for users with applications in wireless process or production automation, but even users in other application areas can benefit.

wiseSentinel | Drive Test
Our wiseSentinel Drive Test tool allows for measurement and assessment of the coverage, capacity, and quality of service offered by communication networks. Our solution can be used independent from the communication standard deployed as it enables time- and geolocation-stamped recording of signal probes (e.g. I/Q Data) for analysis with the help of MATLAB(R) or C/C++ applications.



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Remote Site Monitoring

Our wiseSentinel Remote Site Monitoring tool allows for Remote Site Monitoring (RSM) of the radio spectrum and event-driven signal probing (e.g. I/Q Data). Combined with an M2M modem it provides an ideal tool to remotely monitor the coexistence of wireless solutions and perform investigations in case of random wireless communication outages.



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